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8th Annual Easy Rider SUP Cup – presented by Starboard

Starboard presents the
8th Annual Easy Rider SUP Cup
August 15 & 16, 2015

Saturday, August 15
Stand Up Paddleboard Race & Tour on the North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton.
Race will be approximately 16 km.           Touring class will be approximately 8 km.
BBQ and awards will follow at end of race / tour.
FREE Shuttle service provided to Pre-Registered  Race and Tour paddlers.

Saturday evening will be the SUP Social
Location is at the Provincial Pub next to Easy Rider in Whitemud Crossing.          All Ages welcome until 9:30 PM

Sunday, August 16
Canadian SUP Polo Championships AND Alberta’s First Ever SUP Fishing Derby
Both events at Hermitage Park Lake
SUP Polo will consist of Teams of 4 people.
You can register as a team, or as individuals.   We will then make up teams.

SUP Fishing Derby will be held at the same time as the Polo Matches.
(Alberta Fishing licenses are required)

Each event is $25.
Tons of draw prizes.                          All ability levels.

Must have your own Board / Paddle / Leash / Whistle for the Race / Tour and Fishing Derby
Boards and paddles will be provided for the SUP Polo.

After August 7 – you will be on your own for getting to the start, and back from the finish to Laurier Park.

Pre Registration is now available at The Easy Rider
For the FREE Shuttle service you MUST pre-register – in person – at the store BEFORE Aug. 7, 2015



Saturday, August 15, 2015

River RACE Paddlers
Check-in is at 8:00 AM at the boat launch area of Laurier Park.
Shuttle to RACE Start leaves at 9:00 AM (only for Pre registered competitors)

River TOUR Paddlers
Check-in is at 9:00 AM
TOUR will start at shortly after 10:00 AM – You MUST be ready to paddle by 9:45 AM

ALL Paddlers will finish at Rafters Landing (Edmonton Queen River Boat)
Those that registered in advance will be shuttled back to Laurier Park for the BBQ and Awards.

SUP Film Festival and Social
7:00 PM at Provincial Pub (right beside The Easy Rider store)
Under 18 allowed until 9:30 PM
4211-106 Street.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

SUP Polo
Check in is at 10:00 AM
Round robin tournament begins at 10:30 AM
Play will continue until the Canadian SUP Polo Champion is crowned!

SUP Fishing Derby
Check in is at 11:00 AM
Derby begins at 11:30 AM and runs until 1:30 PM
(Alberta Fishing licenses are required)

For further information – please call the store  780-413-4554

sup cup 14 rev 2

July SUP Sale – Carbon & Race board Clearance.

July is here!
Time to get that dream Stand Up Paddleboard you always wished you could get.

We have a few Carbon construction boards on sale below cost right now.

Carbon is the lightest / stiffest construction possible in SUP’s – and usually the most expensive.
Right now you can get a carbon construction board for less than a standard epoxy / glass construction model.


We also have a few last years or older race boards in stock – all brand new – and all on sale at HUGE savings.

If you have been paddling for a bit – and want to go faster / farther – it’s time to get a race board.

We only have one of each model available – so give us a call or email if you are interested.


Stand Up Paddle Events – Spring 2015 schedule

Now that is has stopped snowing – and warmed up a bit – it’s time to get out and paddle!

Here is the listing of all the SUP events we have planned for the next month and a half.
There will be lots more events in July and August – so check back here for that info.

If you have any questions about an event – or would like to register – please contact the store at 780-413-4554

See you one the water.

May 19, Tuesday – Lesson and board Demo at Telford Lake in Leduc – cost $10.
May 23, Saturday – Leduc Boat Club Open House Day at Telford Lake – cost Free
May 26, Tuesday – Lesson and board Demo at Hermitage Park Lake – cost $10.
June 9, Tuesday – Lesson and board Demo at Telford Lake in Leduc – cost $10.
June 16, Tuesday – Lesson and board Demo at Hermitage Park Lake – cost $10.
June 21, Sunday – Battle of Telford Lake Race – Fun and competitive classes – cost $25.
June 28, Sunday – MEC Paddle Fest at Elk Island Park Lake – Board demos and Easy Rider will be teaching all the SUP Lessons.


Powell Peralta Re-issues

We have received the latest installment of the Powell Peralta re-issue decks.

These are more limited that the last round – so come on by and check them out.


Easy Rider x Lib Tech Co-Lab boards!

We have once again teamed up with Lib Tech to create some Ultra Limited production snowboards.
The graphics are again done by legendary skate artist Jimbo Phillips. It is our “take” on the classic Lib Tech Skeleton graphic, mixed with our Yeti that Jimbo has done for us on several other pieces.

Similar to last season we chose the Lib Tech TRS Model for our boards.
TRS stands for Total Ripper Series – and these boards will make you a Ripper for sure!
This year we also had some made in the Horse Power construction.

The Regular construction comes in 148N / 151N / 154 / 157 / 159 / 159W / 162 and 165
The HP versions come in 154 / 157 and 159

Big THANK YOU to Jimbo for the art work and of course to Lib Tech for being a company cool enough to do this!

Stop by and check them out – they won’t last long.

L to R - Horse Power version - base graphic - Standard construction.

L to R – Horse Power version – base graphic – Standard construction.

Close up!

Close up!

Tail close up.

Tail close up.

Easy Rider Yeti's

Easy Rider Yeti’s


Our Lib Tech TRS from last season.

Our Lib Tech TRS from last season.



Summer Selection

You may know Easy Rider for its awesome selection of snowboard gear in the winter (and summer too as we don’t pack snowboards away) – BUT we also apply the same philosophy to the gear we sell in the summer.
We have the largest selection of Stand Up Paddleboards in Canada.  The largest selection of Longboards in Alberta, a great selection of skateboards,  and many clothing lines that are exclusive to us in Edmonton.
Stop by and check us out – Easy Rider – more than just your favorite snowboard shop.

Over view of the main floor.

Over view of the main floor.

Just part of the Skateboard selection.

Just part of the Skateboard selection.

Most, but not all, of the longboard selection.

Most, but not all, of the longboard selection.

Some of the guys clothing - including Captain Fin Co. / Poler / Hippy Tree / Dark Seas and Loser Machine.

Some of the guys clothing – including Captain Fin Co. / Poler / Hippy Tree / Dark Seas and Loser Machine.

Gals and Kids clothing area.

Gals and Kids clothing area.



We have about 60 different boards in the store, and another 100 different boards in stock.

We have about 60 different boards in the store, and another 100 different boards in stock.

SUP Paddle selection.

SUP Paddle selection.


Lib Tech – Do It Yourself

Lib Tech has launched a Do It Yourself (DIY) web site where you can go and make your own custom board.

You can choose the type of rocker / camber – the top sheet graphic – the side wall color – the base graphic – and you can even spell out what ever you want in a multi color die cut base.

So Cool!   Turn around time right now is just over a month – so you can still get it in time for the start of the season.

Check out the web site – and play around with it.

Lib Tech DIY Board Builder site

If you do want to make / buy one – come by the store for a discount code – that will save you some money.  
We only have a limited amount of codes – so act fast.

Check out the video – make sure to watch the computer screen at the 24 second mark.





Easy Rider

For those of you out there in cyber land than have not been to our store – here are some photos of the store.
As you can see – we pack a lot into our store.  We offer the biggest selection possible.
Stop by and check us out.

A view form upstairs over looking the main floor.

A shot of upstairs – showing some of the 550+ snowboards we have in stock.

The upstairs – all the Boards / Boots / Bindings / Helmets / Skateboards and other hard goods are here.

Some of the Mens jackets and pants.

Some of the Womens jackets and pants.

It’s all about selection – and we have it covered in Goggles.

Some of the Burton gloves and mitts.

Snowboard accessories / tuning supplies and movies – we have what you want!

Shoe area.

Even in winter we have a larger selection of Stand Up Paddle gear that other shops do in summer. (with plenty more to choose from in our warehouse).


As you can see – If you snowboard, skateboard or stand up paddle – we have everything you need  . . .  and more.


Snowboard Questions

Now that almost all the local areas are open and the Snowboard season is in full swing I thought it might be helpful to post up a few common questions and their answers that we get here in the shop.

Q: “I want / need a board up to here”  (pointing to somewhere from under their chin to poking themselves in the eye).
A: Snowboards are NOT sized based on your height.  Let me repeat that – Snowboards are NOT sized based on your height.  The snowboard doesn’t have eyes and therefore has no idea how tall you are.  ONE MORE TIME – Your height and the length of the snowboard have NOTHING to do with each other.
What does matter is how much you weigh (this determines how much force you can put on the board to make it flex) / What style of riding you plan on doing – from Catboarding or Heli powder only – to park jibbing / And where you plan or riding (Local inner city hils vs. big mountain).   All three of these factors will help determine not only what length of board, but also what style of board you need.

Q: “I want my jacket (or pants) to fit like my street wear”(ie, tight).
A: While fashion and looking good on the hill are important – Function is way more important when snowboarding.  When trying on Jacket and Pants – you need to make sure that it fits properly when you are riding.  A few quick checks you can do while in the store are:
A) With jackets or pants – stand like you are in your bindings – and try and reach down like you would to adjust your bindings . . . if it’s to tight – go a size bigger.
B) With jackets – Do up the jacket – then put both hands up like you are trying to flag down your buddy on the hill to see if a landing is clear – or like if you were stuck in a tree well and needed help . . . if it rises up and would allow snow in – go bigger.
Don’t worry if the pants seem long – all snowboard pants are made longer than jeans.  This is so when you bend and move they don’t get pulled up off your boot.  Also remember that your boot will hold the pant up as it is way bigger than a pair of shoes.

Q: “I normally wear size 9 shoes – but I want a size 10 boot so I can fit 2 or 3 pairs of socks in.”
A: NO!  You should get boots to fit so that with ONE (1) pair of good snowboard socks on – and when they are brand  new – your toes just touch the end.  The combination of the boots packing out, you strapping into a set of bindings, and then bending your knees to ride – should make them fit properly.
Also, ALWAYS wear new boots around the house for several hours before riding in them.  This allows them to mold to your feet before you ride in them.  That way if issues arise with the fit – we can take them back and get you a better fitting pair – – but once you ride in them – they are all yours.

Q: “This jacket seems thin, should i just wear my hoodie under it?”
A: While wearing a cotton hoodie (and T-shirt) under your shell jacket may be fine for “daily life” use – nothing will make you colder while riding than cotton.  Cotton traps perspiration next to your skin and that is what will make you colder than anything.   Good “First Layer” underwear made of either synthetic or wool materials that are designed to wick the moisture away from your skin are the place to start.  Follow that up with a good fleece or heavier insulating layer and you will be good to ride all day long, no matter what the temperature.

Q: “I want / goggles with a dark mirrored lens”
A: When choosing a goggle lens – it is important to get one that is suited to the conditions you plan to ride in.  Dark or heavy mirrored lenses are great for bright sunny days (or checking out members of the opposite sex in the lift line) – but they are useless on dark / overcast / flat / lowlight / snowing conditions.  In those conditions you are going to want something that allows more light to reach your eye.  Orange / Rose / Yellow based lenses work the best for the “crappy light” conditions.  Many goggles now come with a spare lens – and for those that don’t we stock a large range of lenses for the goggles we sell.

Q: “How ofter should I wax my board”
A: Depends on how fast you want to go!  The majority of the wax put on during a hot wax is worn off after a day or two of riding.  The main reason for getting your board waxed (aside from going fast) – is to keep the base from drying out.  If you see a “white film or fur” that you can scratch with your finger nail appear on your base – then your board is drying out and it needs to be waxed.  Personally i wax my board after 2 or 3 days of riding.  If I am on a longer trip I bring along some rub on wax – so that I can still beat my friends to the powder.

These are just a few of the many, many comments / questions that we get here in the shop.  Hopefully they will help you to be able to get the right gear, and have a FUN time riding.
PLEASE stop by the store and ask us anything about snowboarding – we are here to help.


History is defined as ” the whole series of past events connected with someone or something”.

History and Snowboarding and The Easy Rider is defined as Warren Currie.

Warren is the owner of The Easy Rider – it first opened it’s doors on Dec. 6, 1996.
Prior to that Warren had been part owner in another shop in Edmonton and has been selling snowboards in Edmonton since the very early 1980’s.
Warren has been snowboarding since the beginning and it was he and his brother Scott who got snowboarding allowed at all the ski areas in Northern Alberta.

Warren is still riding as much as possible, and after 33 years of snowboarding he still enjoys it as much as the first day.

If you value knowledge and history in your snowboard purchasing decisions – The Easy Rider is the place to go.

See you soon!

Warren on his Burton Backhill along Whitemud Freeway – January, 1980.

Warren on his Hooger Booger at Hidden Ridge (now Sun Ridge) Ski area in 1983.

Warren on his Snowtech Jazz at the 2nd Snowboard Cup – 1989

Warren on his Burton Air at Powder King, BC – 1990

Warren on his Burton Barracuda at Powder Mountain Heli – 2011