Stand Up Paddle Lesson & Demo.

We are having another one of our famous Indoor SUP lesson & Demo events.

Tuesday, April 12 at 7:00 PM

Cost is $20. per person, and we supply the SUP boards / Paddles / Leash and a Lesson.

You must register in store, in advance.  

Space is limited, so act fast.

Call the store for more details.




SUP Surf Sessions

We have once again booked the West Edmonton Mall Wave Pool for some Indoor Surfing.

Tuesday, November 17

There are 2 x 90 minute sessions.
7:30 PM to 9:00 PM
9:00 PM to 10:30 PM

10 spots per session.

You MUST bring your own board / paddle and leash – and you MUST have a “flex fin” (to not mark the bottom of the pool)
(available at the store).

This is not a lesson – it is suggested that you have a fairly strong SUP ability.

Registration is in store only – and is first come – first surfed only.

Please contact the store for more information.  780-413-4554





SUP – Motorcycle adventure

With the outdoor SUP and motorcycle season rapidly coming to a close in our area, I decided it was time to combine the two sports into one awesome adventure.

Early on a Sunday morning I loaded my bike up with a Starboard Astro Touring, a Quickblade 3 piece travel paddle and the new Starboard SUP Suit for the chilly water temperature.

I headed out in search of a small lake north of Edmonton that I had seen on one of my “getting lost on my bike” adventures earlier in the summer.
After a few hours of having fun on my bike I made it to the lake.  It only took a few minutes to change out of my bike gear and into the SUP Suit – I then blew up the board and hit the water.  Once the paddle was done – it was a quick change over and pack up, followed by a nice ride home.

It was a great day – and an awesome way to combine two of my favorite sports.

SUP – anywhere (and any way) there is water.









We have finally received all of our custom colored On A Mission SUP leashes.

These were made for us – and are not available any where else in the world.

They are a 9′ coiled leash – with a cuff that can either be worn around the calf or ankle.

Come on by and pick one up that matches (or clashes) with your board.

The blue and orange one even glows in the dark (top row / middle)



SUP Leash Use.

This past weekend a paddler went missing after falling from his board in the Columbia River Gorge – near Hood River, Oregon.
His board was found within in hour of him being reported missing – as of this writing – he has still not been found.  He was not wearing a leash.
With this tragedy, and the stories from a few customers of close calls due to not wearing a leash – I figured it was time that someone did something to begin a campaign for the education and encouragement of Lease use on Stand Up Paddleboards.
Below is the Open Letter to the SUP Industry that I wrote and sent to all my SUP contacts.
Dave Kalama added his endorsement to the letter.
The logo below – will be available at the store later this week, as a sticker, for free.  Please help to keep our “family” safe by not only using a leash every time you set foot on a board – but also by telling everyone you know that paddles to wear a leash.
Thank you,
Warren Currie
owner The Easy Rider

To Whom it May Concern,

In light of the recent tragic event in the Gorge this past weekend, we are penning this Open Letter to the Stand Up Paddle Industry.
We believe that we, as a collective industry, must take a vehement stand in the education and encouragement of the use of leashes on all types of SUP’s, on all types of water, and in all conditions.  

With the exponential growth of SUP, there are a great deal of boards being sold with very little safety education accompanying the sale.
Like seat belts in cars, leashes save lives on SUP’s.  If it is far enough to paddle – it is far enough to wear a leash.  

A few ideas as to how to implement this are:
– A sticker on the tail of the board near the leash plug that states “Leashes Save Lives”
– Only showing images (both still and video) of paddlers that are using leashes.  This is especially important in Manufacturers brochures and Industry publications (magazines).
– A Public Service Announcement video – featuring the top Pro’s in the industry advocating the use of leashes.
– Instructing Team Riders that they should be setting the example by always wearing a leash.

We need to educate our customers on how to safely use our products.  Unfortunately, as is often the case, it takes a tragedy to create the momentum for positive change.

Please feel free to reply to this email with any comments and or questions, and please share with any industry related SUP businesses.  

Thank you,

Warren Currie
Easy Rider

Dave Kalama
Imagine / Quickblade



Kalama Klinic – with Dave Kalama & Jim Terrell

Friday, August 14th featured our 5th Kalama Klinic with Dave Kalama and was also the third time that Jim Terrell has joined in.

The Klinic is a half day SUP stroke improvement session.

This year saw 14 paddlers take part at Allan Beach at Hubbles Lake.

Everyone had a great time and learned a great deal.

Thanks to Dave and Jimmy for helping to spread their knowledge and stoke of SUP!











8th Annual Easy Rider SUP Cup – Results

The 8th Annual Easy Rider SUP Cup took place on August 15 & 16, 2015.

The event featured a Race and Tour down the North Saskatchewan River on Saturday morning.  This was followed by a BBQ and awards ceremony at Laurier Park in west Edmonton.
While the weather for the Race and Tour was a little on the chilly side – spirits were high at the BBQ and awards when The Easy Rider started to give away over $20,000.00 worth of prizes – all by draw.   Everyone walked away with multiple items.  In fact there was so much “swag” that once everyone had an arm load of goodies . . . all names were put back into the draw box and more product was given away.
For the final two prizes – everyones name was once again put back into the draw box and and inflatable SUP from Imagine and a race board SUP from Starboard where then given away by draw.

A social event at the Provincial Pub (next to The Easy Rider store) was held on Saturday evening.
Dave Kalama said he had seen all the SUP videos we had at the store – so he choose “On Any Sunday – The Next Chapter” – a motorcycle movie – for us all to watch.  It was a great evening with stories of the days race and tour being swapped over good food and drink.

Sunday morning saw slightly better weather for the SUP Polo and SUP Fishing Derby – held at Hermitage Park Lake in North East Edmonton.

We had 21 Polo players and 3 paddlers in the SUP Fishing derby.
The SUP Polo was a great hit – with those that had never played before (including Dave Kalama and Jim Terrell) stating that is was one of the “funnest” things they had ever done on a SUP board.

After the SUP Polo and SUP Fishing Derby were finished – awards were handed out to the winning team – and then even more draw prizes were given away.  Again, everyone left with a pile of goodies.

Thanks to everyone that came out and took part in the event.  In total we had 123 paddlers take part in the weekend.

A BIG THANK YOU to all the suppliers that donated the product that was given away.  They all support our events . . . so please support them!




The 3 people at the bottom with no time - did not come to the check in at Laurier Park - so we have no times for you - as you did not get a number on your leg.
The 3 people at the bottom with no time – did not come to the check in at Laurier Park – so we have no times for you – as you did not get a number on your leg.




Kalama Klinic – August 14

Learn SUP Paddle technique from 2 of the best in the world!

Dave Kalama and Jim Terrell

Friday, August 14 – 1:30 PM at Allen Beach / Hubbles Lake.
$200. per person – limited to 12 people.
Call the store for more information!

4 hours and 25 minutes of "on water" time - to cover 21 miles (33.8 km)

SUP River Trek – Photos

Our Annual Summer River Trek took place on July 19.
Once again we had awesome weather and a great time was had by all!
Thanks to everyone that took part!

We will be doing another Trek in September (water levels permitting) so stay tuned here for more information.

Most of the group at Laurier Park (some people met us out at Devon)
Most of the group at Laurier Park (some people met us out at Devon)
Heading out from Devon.
Heading out from Devon.
First rest stop - across from Rabbit Hill Ski area.
First rest stop – across from Rabbit Hill Ski area.
Awesome scenery.
Awesome scenery.
Approaching the Anthony Henday bridge.
Approaching the Anthony Henday bridge.
The bend in the river just before Fort Edmonton Park.
The bend in the river just before Fort Edmonton Park.
Coming into the finish at Laurier Park.
Coming into the finish at Laurier Park.
4 hours and 25 minutes of "on water" time - to cover 21 miles (33.8 km)
4 hours and 25 minutes of “on water” time – to cover 21 miles (33.8 km)
sup cup 14 rev 2

8th Annual Easy Rider SUP Cup – presented by Starboard

Starboard presents the
8th Annual Easy Rider SUP Cup
August 15 & 16, 2015

Saturday, August 15
Stand Up Paddleboard Race & Tour on the North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton.
Race will be approximately 16 km.           Touring class will be approximately 8 km.

BBQ / Race Trophies and partial Draw Prizes will be handed out at the end of the Race.

FREE Shuttle service provided to Pre-Registered  Race and Tour paddlers.

Saturday evening will be the SUP Social
Location is at the Provincial Pub next to Easy Rider in Whitemud Crossing.          All Ages welcome until 9:30 PM

Sunday, August 16
Canadian SUP Polo Championships AND Alberta’s First Ever SUP Fishing Derby
Both events at Hermitage Park Lake
SUP Polo will consist of Teams of 4 people.
You can register as a team, or as individuals.   We will then make up teams.

SUP Fishing Derby will be held at the same time as the Polo Matches.
(Alberta Fishing licenses are required)

Awards and partial Draw Prizes will follow at end SUP Polo and the SUP Fishing Derby

Each event is $25.
Tons of draw prizes.                          All ability levels.

Must have your own Board / Paddle / Leash / Whistle for the Race / Tour and Fishing Derby
Boards and paddles will be provided for the SUP Polo.

After August 7 – you will be on your own for getting to the start, and back from the finish to Laurier Park.

Pre Registration is now available at The Easy Rider
For the FREE Shuttle service you MUST pre-register – in person – at the store BEFORE Aug. 7, 2015



Saturday, August 15, 2015

River RACE Paddlers
Check-in is at 8:00 AM at the boat launch area of Laurier Park.
Shuttle to RACE Start leaves at 9:00 AM (only for Pre registered competitors)

River TOUR Paddlers
Check-in is at 9:00 AM
TOUR will start at shortly after 10:00 AM – You MUST be ready to paddle by 9:45 AM

ALL Paddlers will finish at Rafters Landing (Edmonton Queen River Boat)
Those that registered in advance will be shuttled back to Laurier Park for the Race Awards.

BBQ / Race awards and partial Draw Prizes will be at Laurier Park.

SUP Film Festival and Social
7:00 PM at Provincial Pub (right beside The Easy Rider store)
Under 18 allowed until 9:30 PM
4211-106 Street.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

SUP Polo
Check in is at 10:00 AM
Round robin tournament begins at 10:30 AM
Play will continue until the Canadian SUP Polo Champion is crowned!

SUP Fishing Derby
Check in is at 11:00 AM
Derby begins at 11:30 AM and runs until 1:30 PM
(Alberta Fishing licenses are required)
SUP Polo and SUP Fishing Derby Awards and Draw Prizes will follow event.  (approximately 1:30 PM)

For further information – please call the store  780-413-4554


sup cup 14 rev 2