10th Annual Easy Rider SUP Cup – presented by Starboard

Starboard presents the – 10th Annual Easy Rider SUP Cup August 19 & 20, 2017 Saturday, August 19 Stand Up Paddleboard Race & Tour on the North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton. Race will be approximately 16 km.               Touring class will be approximately 8 km. BBQ / Race Trophies and partial Draw Prizes will be handed out at the end of the Race. FREE Shuttle service provided to Pre-Registered  Race and Tour paddlers. Sunday, August 20 SUP Polo AND SUP Fishing Derby Both events at Hermitage Park Lake SUP Polo will consist of Teams of 3 people. SUP Fishing Derby will be held at the same time as the Polo Matches. *Alberta Fishing licenses are required Awards and partial Draw Prizes will follow at end SUP Polo and the SUP Fishing Derby Each event is $30. Tons of draw prizes. All ability levels. Must have your own Board / Paddle / Leash / Whistle and PFD – for the Race and Tour. Fishing Derby will require PFD’s and a Leash (as well as own board and paddle). Boards and paddles will be provided for the SUP Polo. REGISTRATION DEADLINE FOR SHUTTLE SERVICE IS AUGUST 13, 2017 After August 13 – you will be on your own for getting to the race and tour start, and back from the finish. Pre Registration is now available in store at The Easy Rider.

SUP River Trek – Details

IF you have signed up for our 8th Annual SUP River Trek – please read the following.   (If you have NOT signed up – SORRY – the event is FULL)  Here are a few things to know about the Easy Rider SUP River Trek this weekend. Shuttle depart location – Laurier Park Boat Launch.  (this is the park at Story Land Valley Zoo). Drive in the Exit (sign says – no entry except boats – find the boat and trailer parking – unload your board – then go park). Shuttle depart time – Be there by 8:30 AM to load boards in to the van.  If you have a board bag – bring it. The Bus and van leave at 9:00 AM SHARP – NO EXCEPTIONS We will then drive to the Devon boat launch – and will aim for a 10:00 AM start time on the river. *For those NOT taking the shuttle – please be at the Devon Boat Launch (below the Devon Bridge) by 9:30 AM   —————————————————————————————————————————————– The paddle takes between 4 and 5 hours – depending on river flow rate – and number of rest stops we make.   **Mandatory things to have** Board / Paddle / Leash / Whistle / PFD (either the “normal kind” worn or strapped to board – or the inflatable type – which must be worn). ***If you do not have these items – you will not be allowed to partake in the paddle. No exceptions.*** Suggested items to bring that will make the day better: Water (either water bottles or a hydration pack) Snacks (it is easier to have a bunch small snacks – rather than a big lunch). Booties / water shoes / sport sandals (we stop on some gravel bars in the middle of the river and it is more comfortable to walk with foot wear). Sunscreen / Bug spray / Hat Sunglasses – WITH a string to hold them on in the event of a fall. Extra clothes – warmer top / etc. – incase it gets cold. Camera – waterproof and or water proof case for cell phone. ALCOHOL / CIGARETTES and VAPES are NOT allowed – please do not bring them. We will have a safety meeting prior to launch. Finally, although this is a casual paddle with the river current – it is still a paddle – not a float. You will be required to put in some effort to get down the river in a timely manner.  

SUP River Trek – Devon to Edmonton

Join us for our 8th Annual Devon to Edmonton (Laurier Park) Stand Up Paddle River Trek. Sunday, July 16 We meet at Laurier Park in Edmonton – shuttle you and your board out to Devon and paddle the 34 km back to Edmonton. Total time on the water ranges from 4 to 5 hours. Cost is $30. per person, and will include shuttle service (for you and your board). You MUST pre-register no later than July 9 to be eligible for the shuttle service. You must have your own board / paddle / leash / whistle and PFD to take part. Please call the store for more information. 780-413-4554